How to Use Kotak Net Banking

In order to log in to Kotak Net Banking, you will need your Customer ID and IPIN. Your Customer ID is your User ID and can be found on the first page of your welcome kit or on your monthly bank statement. Your IPIN is a unique 6-digit password that you will need to generate yourself. To generate your IPIN, please visit generation1.jsp and enter your…
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A Few Good Reasons to Ship Your Car Rather than Driving

Even if you are just relocating a short distance, driving your car can sometimes be less expensive than shipping it. However, if you are moving more than 500 miles, shipping your car is a far more practical choice and is well worth the cost. As opposed to travelling all those miles on its own tires, shipping an automobile is both safe and healthier for the vehicle. It will travel on the back of an…
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