Making Quitting Smoking A Much More Manageable Task

When you have previously tried to quit smoking cold turkey, you will understand how challenging it can be ad how strong the cravings to smoke are. Many people struggle with this when not using a tool to help them quit, and only around 3% of people stop smoking this way successfully. To maximise your chances of succeeding when you give up smoking, you should consider nicotine replacement therapy, which can help control your urges for a cigarette. There are many NRTs you can consider using, and below, you can see some of the most popular ones that have helped millions of people become ex-smokers.

Nicotine Sprays

There are a couple of sprays that you can get to help you control your cravings for a cigarette, and there are oral and nasal sprays. They work the same way; the only difference is that one is taken orally, while the other is sprayed up the nose. When you feel an urge to smoke increasing in strength, you use the spray, which releases nicotine for the capillaries to absorb, helping to control your cravings. The nicotine sprays are available in various nicotine strengths, and you can purchase them in pharmacies, health food stores, and online retailers.

Nicotine Patches

Another popular NRT people use to help them quit smoking are nicotine patches, which are simple to use. You can place a patch on any part of your skin, and it will last for around 24 hours, slowly releasing nicotine that your skin absorbs to keep a constant level in your system. You can purchase nicotine patches from supermarkets, pharmacies, online retailers, and health food stores, and they are available in various nicotine strengths. They are also discreet as you can hide where you place the nicotine patch so nobody can see it if you wish.


Vaping devices are another tool you can consider using, and millions worldwide have used vaping devices to help them quit smoking. You can consider purchasing many types of vaping devices, and you will also need to select the best e-liquid to meet your needs. The e-liquids are available in many different delicious flavours, and you can also get them in varying nicotine strengths, so you can reduce your dose and ween yourself off your reliance on nicotine. You can purchase basic vaping supplies in supermarkets and newsagents, but there are also specialist vaping stores where you can get everything needed. It can be an excellent tool to stop smoking cigarettes and help you regain control of your life and live it smoke-free.

Nicotine Gum

You can also consider using nicotine gum to help you manage your cravings for a cigarette; many people use this gum when using other NRTs and are struggling with their cravings. The nicotine gum is available in a few different flavours and varying nicotine strengths, and when you feel an urge, start chewing a piece of gum, and the desire to smoke will soon go away. You can purchase nicotine gum from health food stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies, and they can be an excellent tool to help you refrain from smoking cigarettes again.

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