Large Homes or Businesses Require More Than Rock Salt for Deicing Purposes

If you own a large piece of property or a business, it might take more than a small sprinkling of rock salt to deice your driveway and sidewalks. Melting the ice is a must to keep both the people who live in these homes and visitors to the properties safe at all times. This is in addition to the fact that you could be held legally responsible if someone trips and falls on your property and they sue you. For these and many other reasons, looking for a super-strength deicer is a smart idea on your part.

A Good Deicer Makes a Huge Difference

Deicing products make a huge difference in the time you spend making sure your driveway and sidewalks are ice-free and safe. An industrial-strength ice melter is sold by companies that sell industrial supplies for lots of different businesses. Some of its features can include the ability to last up to a total of four days and to work in temperatures as low as -21 degrees Celsius. Many of these deicers work eight times faster than regular rock salt and cover a much wider area.

Even better, professional deicers work quickly and don’t leave a mess behind like rock salt does. They won’t block drains or corrode tarmac, and they work fast, in part, because they can instantly heat up to around 50 degrees on contact. In fact, they do such a good job that they can even prevent the area from refreezing, thanks to the ingredients included in the product.

The Advantages of a Wholesale Account

If you run a business and you need lots of deicing products, the good news is that they’re available at wholesale prices, as long as you know where to get them. The companies that sell products such as this usually offer discounts to businesses that need large amounts of them, so you can stock up at the beginning of the winter season and never run out. Deicers are not just convenient to employees and customers; they are a necessity in order to keep everyone safe at all times.

When you need to get rid of the ice and snow on your sidewalk, driveway, steps, or car park, a good deicing product is a must. Buying it from an industrial cleaning supply company is your smartest option because this allows you to find products that are reasonably priced and designed for large coverage areas, so it’s much easier for you to get what you want.

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