Finding the right lead for your dog

Having a good dog lead can help keep your dog and other people safe. If you want your pet to stay near you and not disappear into the forest, you need a good lead. This also applies if your dog is very excitable at the sight of passersby. It might be the friendliest dog in the world, but many people are wary or even scared of animals. For their comfort, you should avoid letting your dog get too close. Finding the right lead for your dog to do all this isn’t as easy as you might think. That’s why you’ll find all the information you need right here.

Characteristics of a good dog lead

The most obvious characteristics of a lead are the handle and the clasp. One for you to hold and the other to clip onto the dog’s collar. The handle should be comfortable in your palm but also sturdy so that the pressure of an excited dog doesn’t snap it. The clasp also needs to be strong and sturdy so that it doesn’t break. Smaller clasps are fine for smaller dogs, and bigger clasps are better for bigger dogs. Of course, if you have a calm pet who obeys your commands but is very large, you can use a slightly smaller clasp than if you have a big dog who wants to pull and run all the time. In terms of length, you should think about how you want to train your dog and where you will be walking. If you’re training your pet, they should stay close to you with a shorter lead. The same goes for if you’re walking on roads or paths used by many people. If you’re bringing your pet to an open space where it can move around more, get a longer lead. Retractable ones are great for this situation.

Other accessories to complement your dog lead

Of course, the dog lead won’t work without a collar. Again, there are many kinds of dog collars to get depending on the size and strength of your canine. Bigger dogs need a collar that can fit around their necks without squeezing too much. They should also have a sturdy ring for attaching the clasp of the lead. You can also look into harnesses for more control. If you feel like jogging with your dog, why not get a hands-free lead that clips around your waist?

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